How to Find Out Who Owns a Commercial Property

July 25, 2023

Have you ever asked yourself how to find out who owns a commercial property or that bustling retail complex in your neighborhood? Well, guess what? This article might help! so stick around and continue reading.

The Importance of Knowing Who Owns a Commercial Property

Knowing the specific property owner of a commercial property can provide you with significant advantages, whether you’re a prospective buyer, a curious neighbor, or a businessperson wanting to expand your sales history, knowing the property owner provides valuable insight But wait, there’s more! It can also aid in resolving disputes, assessing potential business opportunities, and even understanding the real estate market better. Now, doesn’t that sound intriguing?

Overview of the Process

In general, finding out who owns a commercial property involves three key steps: checking public records, like sales deeds and tax assessor details, performing an online property owner search, and utilising commercial property databases. This information system might seem complex, but let’s delve deeper.

Detailed Process

Identifying the Property

The first step to find commercial property owners is to clearly identify the property in question. You need the exact address, city, and postcode of the property. It’s akin to searching for a friend in a bustling place without knowing their appearance – seems improbable, right?

Checking Local County Records

After you have identified the property, the next step is to check the local county or city records. Just like how a library keeps books, local county offices maintain property records that are open to the public.

Utilizing Online Property Search Platforms

In this digital age, online platforms have revolutionized how we access property data, making the task of finding a property owner much simpler. These platforms sort through millions of data points, including phone numbers and email addresses, to provide accurate results.

Professional Assistance

Hiring a Private Investigator

Sometimes, the task of finding the owner of a commercial property may require professional help. Have you ever watched a mystery movie and wondered who the private investigator was? That’s right, they are professionals trained to find information that’s hard to find. They can assist in situations where the property ownership is not straightforward.

Engaging Real Estate Brokers

In addition to private investigators, commercial real estate professionals, real estate brokers can also provide valuable assistance in this process. Think of them as the middlemen between buyers and sellers, having access to a wealth of information about properties and their owners.

Legal Considerations

Finding out who owns a commercial property is legal, as long as the information is used appropriately. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility! It’s crucial not to misuse any contact information or owner information you have found.

The Role of the Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) can be a valuable tool when researching commercial property ownership. It provides the public access to records from any federal agency. It’s like a key to a treasure trove of information!

Benefits of Finding Property Ownership Information

Finding out who owns a commercial property can help with market research, networking, investment strategies, and dispute resolution. It’s like being handed a map to navigate the real estate market!

Potential Challenges

Despite the wealth of information available, there can be challenges in finding out who owns a commercial property. Properties owned by corporations or trusts may not clearly list an individual owner, like a secret behind a mask. But don’t be discouraged, with perseverance, you can overcome these hurdles!


In essence, finding out who owns a commercial property is not as daunting as it might initially seem. With the right tools and a bit of sleuthing, you can uncover this information quite efficiently. So go on, don your detective hat and start investigating!


1. Can anyone access commercial property ownership information?

Yes, commercial property ownership information is public record and accessible to anyone interested.

2. What challenges might I encounter in finding commercial property ownership information?

The main challenge is when properties are owned by corporations or trusts, as individual owners might not be listed.

3. Can online property search platforms always provide accurate results?

While they are generally reliable, results can sometimes be outdated or inaccurate, so cross-checking is important.

4. Do I always need professional help to find property ownership information?

Not always. In most cases, public records and online platforms are sufficient. However, professionals can help in complex situations.

5. Is it legal to access property ownership information?

Yes, it’s legal to access this information. However, it’s important to use the information responsibly and ethically.

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